Inception, a Believers Story

It took me a good seven months to see one of the proclaimed best films of 2010, Inception. This, let’s be honest, mind-fuck of a film from none other than the genius that is Christopher Nolan, was prodigious on all levels. Full of action, emotional torment, science, mystery and self-fulfilling prophecies, this motion picture took cinematography to an entirely new level.

No corners were cut in production expenses which is quite evident the more you watch the film. Slow motion sequences of exploding boxes, fruit stands and windows demonstrate just how talented this crew truly is.

The story line evokes an emotional response from the viewer, unparalleled in any other movie I can recall seeing in recent years. Its entrapment defies expectations, though be warned, the story can cause some confusion. It takes some adjustment, deep listening and abstract thinking to put all the pieces together, but once you do you’re in for something spectacular.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his rather well-known cast don’t hold back, matching the acting to the story gracefully. All the actors seem on cue, nothing overdone, exaggerated, or on the contrary, bleak and meaningless. All emotions are conveyed to be believable and the way they all, as one, bring Nolan’s vision to life is something special to be part of.

Much controversy and speculation arises with the ending, as viewers and critics alike offer drastically diverse takes on its meaning. Obviously, this was no oversight and was done for precisely that reason — to evoke dialogue. His ending, without spoiling it of course, is thought provoking and easily interpreted differently by each viewer. Nolan naturally holds the key to the question though I doubt we’ll be hearing an explanation from him any time soon.

When it’s all said and done, Inception is deserving of all its hype, positive reviews and award nominations. I’m a bit vexed in my delayed screening this film, though the two and a half hours of submersion in a project as detailed and beautiful as this was well worth the wait.

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